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Embassy News 2010

Secretary Clinton comments of the Chilean miners rescue

October 14, 2010

Excerpts from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, in Brussels, Belgium, October  14, 2010

QUESTION:  Appreciate your time.  Let’s begin with the feel-good moment, Chile.  And it was a real “It takes a village” moment --


QUESTION:  -- in many ways.  Were you glued to the tube like many of us?

SECRETARY CLINTON:  I was.  And of course, with the time change, that made it even harder, but I couldn’t look away.  I was watching as the preparations took place and then as the first capsule went down and the first miner came out.  It was a feel-good moment.  I thought that the president of Chile and his government and all of the experts, including some of ours from NASA and elsewhere, just had a superb, cooperative effort.  And I think the world not only was thrilled to see those 33 men come up safely, but really so gratified to see people working together on something so positive and producing such a wonderful result.

QUESTION:  Many lessons we can all learn --


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