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Doing Business in Chile and in the U.S.

Welcome to one of world’s best places to do business.  Chile has more Free Trade Agreements in place than any other nation, except Singapore.  With a long-standing free market orientation, Chile offers excellent commercial opportunities for U.S. products and services.  In 2011, Chile was the fifth highest growth market worldwide for U.S. exports, reaching a record $15 billion.  In 2012, Chile is projected to post the highest GDP growth rate of all OECD countries.   Don’t let Chile’s population of 18 million lead you to believe that this is a small market.  This is a country on the move, and its robust export-oriented industries supply markets far beyond Chile’s borders.   The Chilean business climate presents huge opportunities for U.S. companies that sell equipment, technology, and services.  Please explore our business page.  Better yet, come in person to visit your Embassy in the heart of Santiago’s burgeoning business district and discover how we can help you export to this dynamic market.

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