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First Time Applicant

First Time Applicant for Any Age Group

Important Notice: Passport services are available by appointment only.   Schedule your appointment at the end of the page.  Read the following information carefully before scheduling your appointment.

Note: Please print out and submit only one-sided pages of the application forms listed below. Please type or print legibly in black ink when completing all sections of any of the application forms.

First time applicant (any age group)

If you are applying for a passport for the first time you must submit the following documents in person:

  1. Form DS-11.
  2. Evidence of U.S. citizenship (certified U.S. birth certificate, Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth, Naturalization Certificate, or Certificate of Citizenship).
  3. Valid official identity document bearing photograph and signature.
  4. Two Passport photographs.

A first time applicant under age 16 must also comply with the special passport requirements: Both parents and the child must be present at the time the application is submitted to the American Citizen Services Unit. The child's birth certificate and the parents’ identification documents must be submitted with the application.

If one of the parents is unable to appear at the time the application is submitted s/he must complete and notarize the Parental Consent Form DS-3053.  The notarized DS-3053 must be attached to the application and include a copy of the parent’s I.D.  For more information please see the special passport requirements for minors under 16.

If one of the parents is unable to contact the other parent due to exigent or special family circumstances, the applying parent must fill out the statement of exigent/special family circumstances for issuance of a U.S. passport to a minor under the age of 16 Form DS- 5525.  We would like to emphasize that the use of this form is exceptional and should only be used in cases in which the whereabouts of the non-applying parent are unknown or there has been a judicial or legal document that states that the applying parent has full custody of the minor.  Keep in mind that the Embassy will likely need to contact the other parent to ensure their consent, so the use of this form might delay the passport application process.

Passport Fees

Applicant Under age 16:  $105.00
Applicant Age 16 and over: $135.00

Passport Fees can be paid in cash (dollars/pesos) or credit card. Checks are not accepted overseas.

Home Delivery Service for your New Passaport

You must pick up your passport from the Embassy within 90 days.  U.S. law requires that all travel documents left in the Embassy past 90 days be destroyed.  If this happens, you will have to submit a new passport application and pay all applicable fees again.

The passport renewal process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.  You may pick up the new passport on limited days and times. You also have the option for home delivery, a fast, reliable, and convenient service so as not to make another trip to the Embassy.  Applicants who would like home delivery service must provide a prepaid DHL Airway Bill (AWB) at the time the application is submitted to the American Citizen Services Unit.  You must obtain your prepaid AWB at the nearest DHL location before you arrive at the embassy on your scheduled appointment date.  Delivery fees range from approximately 5,000 – 10,000 CHP depending on the delivery destination.   Deliveries within the Metropolitan Region will generally not exceed 5,000 CHP. To estimate the cost of the passport delivery to your home, if it’s located outside of Santiago, you may use the DHL online calculator or phone DHL Call Center at 800 800 345.  Important:  please indicate to the DHL staff that you are pre-paying for a U.S. passport service (Servicio de Pasaportes Estadounidense).

Schedule your Appointment

Each family member seeking a passport service requires an appointment.  Please schedule your appointment on-line after assembling the documents and forms listed above. 

On scheduling your appointment you will receive a Confirmation Sheet.  Please print the Confirmation Sheet and bring it with you to the interview.  Applicants who do not appear at the appointment time will experience considerable delays and/or the possibility of the appointment not being honored.  Your application form must be duly completed on your arrival on the appointment date.

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